Viking Long Boat - Retail

Viking Long Boat - Retail

Viking Long Boat as ordered, re-ordered and stocked by one of London's largest Muesums. Details may change subltly as each ship is handmade for you, using the techiques passed down over millennia but now rarely used. Alex Brown is one of the few artists of her generation to perpetuate quality hand-built ceramic techniques - which have taken her years to perfect and bring to the market.
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    Modeled for historical accuracy and aestheitic qualities, this boat will sit proudly on a mantlepeice, shelf, window ledge or display cabinet. Intense details and tactile surface make this ceramic art a facinating addition to any sculpture collection.
    Dimensions (approx.) : length:43cm x depth:19.5cm x height:17cm. Mast height: 25cm x breadth: 20cm.
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